The Clock is Still Running: Neither NSA Reform Nor Reauthorization Advances in Senate

by News on May 23, 2015, no comments

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Tonight, the US Senate failed to move ahead with the USA Freedom Act, an NSA reform bill that would address phone record surveillance and FISA Court transparency and fairness. It also was unable to muster votes for a temporary reauthorization of Section 215 of the Patriot Act, the section of law used to justify the mass phone records surveillance program. That’s good news: if the Senate stalemate continues, the mass surveillance of everyone’s phone records will simply expire on June 1.

Section 215 of the Patriot Act has been wrongly interpreted in secret by the government for years. We commend every Senator who voted against reauthorizing the unconstitutional surveillance of millions of law-abiding Americans.

In the wake of tonight’s vote, Congress must stop stalling and address the surveillance and secrecy abuses of our government.

The battle isn’t over. Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is calling for another attempt to reauthorize Section 215 on Sunday May 31, only hours before the provision is set to expire.

EFF urges Congress to again reject Section 215 reauthorization, and then turn to addressing other surveillance abuses by the US government, including mass surveillance of the Internet, the secretive and one-sided FISA Court, and the problems of secrecy and over-classification that have created the environment that allowed such spying overreach to flourish.

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Lastronaut Updates With New Progression System

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By Nadia Oxford Critically-acclaimed endless running game Lastronaut received its 1.1.1 update recently. The little astro dude is now capable of earning experience and the perks that come with said experience. There are smaller cosmetic updates, too. • New progression system – Gain XP and level up your character to unlock awesome perks! • New character suits are available to take on the robot army in style! • Option added to turn off the music/sound effects • Option added to disable slow-motion effect • Tons of bug fixes, proper currency label for suits

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Namco and Hipster Whale Team Up to Make Pac-Man 256

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By Nadia Oxford Steel yourself for a new mobile Pac-Man game this summer. Pac-Man 256, which is being put together by Bandai Namco and Crossy Road makers Hipster Whale, is based around the glitchy “kill screen” that would pop up in the classic Pac-Man arcade game if you managed to reach level 256. Can Pac-Man beat his most sinister enemy yet: Garbled junk text?

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Why Mark Zuckerberg wants kids to play video games

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By Yoni Heisler

Mark Zuckerberg Video Games

Video games have gotten a bad rap for years now. They create killers, many critics like to claim. They glorify criminal behavior, some politicians often shout.

But often left out of the video game discussion is how video games can actually be helpful to a child’s intellectual development. While it may sound a bit outlandish at first, video games can often help kids hone their problem solving skills, sometimes without them even realizing it. What’s more, kids who really love video games often start trying their hand at making their own, a sentiment recently articulated by none other than Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who credits his childhood love of video games with turning him into a programmer.

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