The most hilarious revelation about the Ashley Madison hack yet

by News on August 28, 2015, no comments

By Brad Reed

Ashley Madison Hack Female Users

Was Ashley Madison a website full of married guys who spent their time trying to hook up with bots and/or other guys whom they thought were women? Gizmodo has taken a look at some of the leaked data about the website and has found that the reality is it’s “like a science fictional future where every woman on Earth is dead, and some Dilbert-like engineer has replaced them with badly-designed robots.”

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Sage Solitaire: Your next addiction is now free to download on the App Store

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By Jacob Siegal

Sage Solitaire Free App Download

What if I told you that solitaire needed a reboot? You’d probably call me crazy, but then I’d know that you hadn’t given Sage Solitaire a chance yet. Sage Solitaire is the latest game from legendary iOS game designer Zach Gage, whom you might know from SpellTower, one of the best word games to ever appear on mobile devices.

And did I mention it’s free? Because Sage Solitaire is free.

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