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[GAME REVIEW] Behaviour Interactive’s “DEAD BY DAYLIGHT” makes for hours of gory gaming goodness

by The Walrus on June 23, 2017, no comments

Horror video game DEAD BY DAYLIGHT has been creating buzz this past year with the successful launch of its PC version on Steam in 2016. Behaviour Interactive just released the console version this month, with add-ons to come later this year. We recently touched base with its Game Director and Creative Director to talk about the ins and […]

[EXCLUSIVE CLIP] Repulsive rodent plagues couple in short film “MOUSE”

by The Walrus on June 22, 2017, no comments

We’ve all read horrifying stories about unlucky consumers who have discovered various insects, objects, and even vermin in their food. The sickening idea has been taken to another level and put into the form of a short film, aptly titled, MOUSE. The film was named a Vimeo Staff Pick Premiere and is set to debut on […]

[GIVEAWAY] Bruce Campbell’s “HAIL TO THE CHIN” book coming August 2017

by The Walrus on June 20, 2017, no comments

For horror fans, anything involving Bruce Campbell is a guaranteed entertainment success, no matter the format. Fifteen years after the release of his bestselling memoir IF CHINS COULD KILL, Campbell returns with the follow-up book HAIL TO THE CHIN to be released via Thomas Dunne Books this August! Read more below: It’s been 15 years since his first […]

Q&A: “DEAD BY DAYLIGHT” Creative Director Dave Richard talks music, artwork

by The Walrus on June 19, 2017, no comments

Last week, we had the chance to chat with Game Director Mathieu Cote about the design and console release for DEAD BY DAYLIGHT. We’ve also caught up with the game’s Creative Director Dave Richard to talk about the music composition and gory imagery. REMINDER: DEAD BY DAYLIGHT console release debuts Tomorrow, June 20th! FANGORIA: The music definitely […]

Horror Game Director Mathieu Cote talks “DEAD BY DAYLIGHT” design, console release

by The Walrus on June 14, 2017, no comments

DEAD BY DAYLIGHT first reached fright fans via Steam in 2016. Players flocked to the horror game’s PC release on June 14th, and the game went on to make a huge imprint in the video game industry selling over 1.8 million copies. Throughout the past year, the creators have debuted several add-ons and chapters to the game including a HALLOWEEN chapter released […]

Julius Ramsay’s “MIDNIGHTERS” exclusive stills, World Premiere at LA Film Fest on June 19th

by The Walrus on June 12, 2017, no comments

The Los Angeles Film Festival is creeping upon us and this year’s fest is hosted by ARCLiGHT CiNEMAS Culver City and The Culver Studios from June 14-22 2017. There are several great independent flicks slated to screen at the festival, but there has been buzz circulating about Julius Ramsay’s theatrical directorial debut (director/editor of AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD) to […]

Alterna Comics showcases August titles, now available for pre-order!

by The Walrus on June 9, 2017, no comments

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Alterna Comics as their availability and titles explode around the United States. We recently brought news from Alterna with “CYKO-KO: A COMIC BOOK ADVENTURE YOU CAN COLOR” which has since met and surpassed its $2,000 goal via Kickstarter. Be on the lookout for its release coming this September! Alterna Comics also […]

Rob Savage’s horror short “DAWN OF THE DEAF” exclusive clip, online premiere coming June 14th

by The Walrus on June 9, 2017, no comments

Director Rob Savage’s suspenseful DAWN OF THE DEAF horror short made an impressive round on the festival circuit scoring screenings and awards at several notable festivals including: Sundance Film Festival 2017, Sitges International Film Festival 2016 and Fantastic Fest 2016, just to name a few. It was also recently named a Vimeo Staff Pick and is set to premiere on […]