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Ball Python Shedding Process

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The Shedding Process By: Daniel Hill (Source: The process by which a reptile sheds its skin is called ecdysis. This process may last from 9-14 days depending on the reptile. Unlike lizards that generally shed in pieces, snakes will shed in one single piece if provided the proper conditions. A lot of first time […]

The Secret Life of Snakes (2016)

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They are among the most hated and feared animals on the planet – only few people recognize their beauty. This documentary features some of Europe’s most stunning species, like the European adder, the nose-horned viper, the dice snake, the ringed snake and the Aesculapian snake. So watch out next time you’re walking in the park. […]

Discovery: The Beauty of Snakes

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Explores every aspect of the snakes’ lives. How they mate, give birth, hunt and feed, move and sense the world around them – from the deserts of Namibia to the forests of the Amazon. Snake-mounted cameras show off their remarkable control and grace as well as the blazing speed with which they strike.