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PSA: Don’t buy the OnePlus 5 via Amazon (US)

by News on June 24, 2017, no comments

If you didn’t manage to pre-order a OnePlus 5 on the day of its announcement, and you can’t make it to one of OnePlus’ pop-up events, perhaps you’re tempted to buy the phone via Amazon, seeing as it’s available (in the US) via several third-party sellers. However, we certainly don’t advise you to purchase the handset through Amazon, as this is not the official channel to get it from.

Right now, the US version of the OnePlus 5 – warranty included – can be found on Amazon for the insane prices of $779 (64 GB model), or $899 (128 GB model). The phone’s international …

It’s now easier to get Purism’s security-focused laptops

by News on June 24, 2017, no comments

Purism is nowhere near as well-known as other PC makers, but you may want to keep it on your radar if you’re becoming increasingly concerned about security and privacy. The company, which only used to sell made-to-order machines, has just announced t…

Self-driving cars are safer when they talk to each other

by News on June 24, 2017, no comments

Most current self-driving technology relies on cameras, radar and lidar. These sensory devices serve as eyes for the car, mimicking what a human driver can see. But a University of Michigan public-private partnership called Mcity is testing V2V, or v…

Insiders detail why Apple’s efforts in the TV space have been unsuccessful

by News on June 24, 2017, no comments

Apple Vs Netflix

Apple’s interest in the TV space has been nothing short of a jumbled mess, in part because the company can’t seem to decide whether it wants to dive in head first and invest in original content that people actually want to watch. Recently, Apple introduced its first original show, a largely lambasted tech-oriented reality series called Planet of the Apps. Of course, Apple’s unfamiliarity with how TV in the modern era works was on full display as Apple forced users actually interested in the show to jump through a number of hoops in order to watch it, unless of course you were an Apple Music subscriber.

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Latest Apple iPhone 8 dummy created to show a “live” look

by News on June 24, 2017, no comments

The most recent news about the 10th anniversary Apple iPhone that has been dubbed the iPhone 8, are the images and videos showing so-called “dummy models.” These aren’t the dummy units that you might find at Best Buy. These are creations put together from leaked schematics and other rumored information. Benjamin Geskin, who has created a number of iPhone 8 renders that have captured the attention of many an iPhone fan, has created a dummy model showing what he believes the device will look like when it is turned on.

To create this look, Geskin posts on his Twitter account (@VenyaGeskin1) …

Score an unlocked LG V20 for just $354.99 after checkout code

by News on June 24, 2017, no comments

With the LG V30 expected to be unveiled soon, it is time for retailers and carriers to start dumping LG V20 inventory before the value of the 2016 device drops too low. Over at auction site eBay, one seller has the V20 offered at just $369.99. Compared to the $549.99 that Best Buy is selling the same model for, you can save $180 or 33% on the purchase of this handset. The unit is unlocked and will work with GSM operators like T-Mobile and AT&T, and CDMA carriers like Verizon and Sprint.

But wait! You can save an additional $15 by using the checkout code PSUMMER15OFF. That brings the …

Hackers target UK parliament email accounts

by News on June 24, 2017, no comments

After a report from The London TImes that the email addresses and passwords of British cabinet members and other government officials were being traded by Russian hackers, it looks like the inevitable next step has occurred: a cyberattack on the UK p…