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Fighting Fantasy Legends RPG card game drops on Android and iOS

by News on July 30, 2017, no comments

If you’ve played and liked Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! game on either Android or iOS, you’ll probably love Fighting Fantasy Legends, the new RPG card game from the co-founders of Games Workshop (Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone) and Nomad Games.

Fighting Fantasy Legends is a card-based role-playing game that features roguelike elements. The game features thousands of choices, which makes the replay value higher than most mobile games in the same genre.

Make no mistake, this is RPG of epic proportions, as you’ll be playing through the stories of three famous …

HMD promises to fix the Dolby Equalizer issue affecting Nokia 5 devices

by News on July 30, 2017, no comments

If you happen to own a Nokia 5, then chances are you’re being affected by a strange issue that prevents the smartphone from opening the Dolby Equalizer settings from certain music apps.

Many Nokia 5 users have noticed that when they try to open the Equalizer app from Google Play Music or Spotify, they get a white screen instead of the audio settings.

Although Dolby Equalizer does work when not specifically opened from those two apps (maybe others too), HMD Global has already acknowledged the problem and said they are already working on a fix.

For those who would still want …

Deal: Get a Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6 for just $499

by News on July 30, 2017, no comments

Earlier this year, Samsung released its second Galaxy device that doesn’t run Android (after the Galaxy TabPro S): the Galaxy Book, a 2-in-1 convertible tablet that’s competing with the Microsoft Surface Pro and other similar hybrid products.

Now, as part of a Back to School promotion in the US, Samsung is taking $130 off the prices of select Galaxy Book models. Mind you, the deal does not include the 12-inch version of the Galaxy Book, so you can take advantage of it only if you want to buy the 10.6-inch (1920 x 1280 pixels), Wi-Fi-only model.

A Samsung …

Nokia 8 will reportedly cost €520 outright in Europe

by News on July 30, 2017, no comments

We’re about two weeks away from the official reveal of the Nokia 8, as HMD Global announced it will host a launch event on August 16.

Since we already know what the phone looks like thanks to the plethora of images that leaked online in the last couple of weeks, let’s talk a bit about Nokia 8’s price.

Rumor has it that HMD wants to offer its flagship for a lower price than other high-end smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6 or HTC U11. The first reports talk about a slightly lower than €600 price for the Nokia 8, and possibly around the same in the United …

HTC U11 could soon be upgraded to Bluetooth 5.0 via software update

by News on July 30, 2017, no comments

HTC’s flagship should have been one of the first smartphones to feature Bluetooth 5.0. Unfortunately, for some reason, the Taiwanese company was unable to add the new technology into the HTC U11 at launch, as the smartphone still uses Bluetooth 4.2.

However, it looks like HTC has changed its mind and has decided to update the U11 to Bluetooth 5.0 in the not so distant future. According to FCC (Federal Communications Commission) filing, HTC plans to “enable Bluetooth 5.0 by software without any hardware change.”

HTC U11 will be the third smartphone to feature …

Major US city bans smartphone use by pedestrians while crossing the street

by News on July 30, 2017, no comments

Using the smartphone while driving is already banned in many countries across the globe, but there aren’t many places where pedestrians can’t use their handsets while walking. It appears that Honolulu, the largest city in Hawaii, will be among the first to impose a ban on the use of phones at crossroads.

Honolulu’s Mayor Kirk Caldwell signed a bill that is meant to prevent “smartphone zombies” from injuring themselves while trying to cross the street, Reuters reports.

The new legislation was passed recently and will take effect starting October 25. Pedestrians …

Do you think smartphones with large bezels look outdated?

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When it comes to smartphone screens, size certainly matters. Since about a decade ago, when the first full-touch phones started to show up, average display sizes have gone up from around 3 inches to over 5 inches. Naturally, overall phone sizes have also gone up, and while a fair share of users may still prefer compact devices, now, most of us are perfectly happy with carrying smartphones that were considered giant some years ago.

Fortunately, various manufacturers – including Samsung and LG – have found ways to pack humongous displays into bodies that are surprisingly …

You can already register your interest in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8… in Australia

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A brand new Galaxy Note smartphone will be officially unveiled in less than one month from now, on August 23. We are, of course, talking about the Galaxy Note 8, which is expected to become the largest Note handset to date, thanks to what might be a 6.3-inch, 2160 x 4428 pixels screen.

After the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 from last year, Samsung is eager to launch the Note 8 and show the world that the troubles it had with its predecessor are now left far behind.

Not long ago, Samsung Australia hinted at a possible release date for the Galaxy Note 8: August …