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Russia wants to examine the source code of US software, report reveals

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Russia Cyber Attacks

While all US intelligence agencies agree that Russia meddled in the presidential election last year, Donald Trump still finds time in his busy schedule to question whether it actually happened. Vladimir Putin, meanwhile, has denied any interference and suggested that any hacks originating from Russia may be the work of “overzealous patriots.”

A new report shows that Russia has been more and more interested in Western technology and its tech secrets in recent years for two reasons: Preventing hacks and finding vulnerabilities.

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Asphalt Street Storm Racing is Gameloft’s newest car racing mobile game

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Gameloft is back with yet another car racing game in the Asphalt franchise, which strongly resembles the CSR series that contains some of the best-selling drag racing games.

As the title says, the game is called Asphalt Street Storm Racing and brings players into the world of drag racing. Choose your favorite supercar and drag race across the world’s top cities. Players can collect, customize and race power autos ranging from classic cars to new turbo supercars.

Aside from single player races, Gameloft’s game offers the option to take on other people …

Lenovo Tab 4 series now on pre-order in the U.S., prices start at $129.99

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Lenovo’s Tab line-up is well-known among Android users, especially due to their exceptionally good prices. The Chinese company announced two new Tab 4 series tablets earlier this year, the Tab 4 8.0-inch and the Tab 4 10.1-inch, but they haven’t made their debut worldwide.

U.S. major retailer Newegg is one of the first to take pre-orders for both Lenovo’s tablets. Although they are not yet in stock, Newegg claims the slates will hit the shelves on June 30.

Customers who want to purchase the 8.0-inch model will have to come up with $129.99, whereas the 10.1-inch …

In 2017, tweets are official presidential statements

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Does a tweet count as an official response to a federal inquiry? Unsurprisingly, the White House thinks so. As reported by Reuters, the White House sent a letter to the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee claiming that a pair of Trump twe…

Google will stop scanning your Gmail inbox in order to send out targeted ads

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If you’re a Gmail user, you might not be aware of the fact that Google scans your email in order to send out targeted ads to those who use the app. Google is ending this controversial practice and will instead continue to track your actions on other Google sites in order to determine what ads to send you. Since Google doesn’t scan the inboxes of those who use its enterprise-based G Suite service, eliminating the scanning process from Gmail will allow Google to stick to one method to personalize ads throughout its operations.

While Google didn’t say when it will stop the Gmail scanning, …

Moto E4 Plus goes on sale in the UK for £159.95

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Unveiled two weeks ago, the metal-clad Moto E4 and Moto E4 Plus are slowly making their way to various markets. After being launched at Verizon earlier this week, the Moto E4 seems to be ready to take on the European markets.

Still, the Moto E4 Plus is the first to hit shelves on The Old Continent, as customers in the UK can now order the smartphone for just £159.95 at Argos. The handset is expected to cost around €200 in other European countries, while the standard Moto E4 is priced to sell for €150 outright.

The SIM-free Moto E4 Plus now available in the …

Rovio launches Angry Birds Evolution, a “more adult” version of the smash hit

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Finnish developer Rovio is trying to breath new life into its Angry Birds franchise, as their latest game promises “naughty humor, pop culture references galore and classic turn-based RPG combat.”

Rovio has teamed up wit German studio Chimera Entertainment for the development of Angry Birds Evolution, and the results are on the positive side. The game has more than 1 million downloads in the Google Play and a 4.5 out of 5.0 rating.

Unlike any of the previous Angry Birds games, Evolution features console-quality graphics and Eastern-style RPG turn-based combat …