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First screenshot from the Essential Phone shows one ugly looking status bar

by News on July 31, 2017, no comments

People have argued a lot about whether the Essential Phone’s display cutout is ugly or not — so much so, that they’ve missed another, more important question: how will it impact the user interface? Having a tall hole at the top of your screen certainly doesn’t sound like the best idea, though, the device seems to compensate for this by making the status bar extra tall.

And all that is good and well: real-life footage seems to indicate this won’t be that big of a big problem, thanks in large part to the tall aspect ratio of the display. However, potential Essential Phone …

Here’s how to enable a bottom navigation bar in your Chrome browser (Android tutorial)

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It’s no news that phones have been growing in size for a few years now, but they are now growing taller too, making one-hand usage a living hell.

Thankfully, whenever hardware obstructs ease of use, software gets in the way and provides users with ways of making things easier. Google’s own Chrome, which is easily one of the most popular browsers around, has a bevy of features that aim to make your experience better, and one of these is none other than the experimental bottom-positioned navigation bar. At least on Android, that is!
Wait… …

LG V30 may be awesome for low-light photography

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Smartphone cameras may have come a long way, but one of their greatest shortcomings is yet to be adequately addressed – their poor low-light performance.

Since smartphone cameras are powered by tiny sensors (at least compared to dedicated cameras), they can get nowhere near the low-light performance and dynamic range of a mirrorless, DSLR—be it crop or full frame—or а film camera. And since manufacturers are not going to start cramming bigger sensors in smartphone cameras anytime soon, for obvious reasons, one way to partially alleviate this issue is to implement …

Purported iPhone 8 user manual insert depicts an all-screen front with a ‘notch’ at the top

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We’ve seen this design numerous times already, but the alleged “all-screen” iPhone 8 front that is supposedly interrupted only by a notch at the top where the selfie camera and the rest of the sensors would lie, has again been leaked, this time in the form of an alleged phone packaging.

Tucked in the handset’s wrappings is supposedly this SIM card swap explanation insert, and the silhouette of the phone depicted here is purportedly of the iPhone 8. It jibes with everything we’ve been hearing about the phone so far, including some quality case maker …

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 passes through the FCC, reveals four variants

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Samsung, as you may already know, is once again gearing up to release a new entry in its flagship phablet Galaxy Note series this fall. We’ve heard the rumors, we’ve seen the renders, and we’ve even gotten an invitation for the launch event — which Samsung has pushed earlier this year due to fears of clashing with the iPhone 8. And now, the device itself has been certified by the FCC.

Not much can be gathered from the filing, seeing as most of the juicy info is hidden due to a confidentiality request. What isn’t, however, is still of relative interest: …

Apple seemingly confirms iPhone 8 design, face unlock feature

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We’ve seen the iPhone 8 design “confirmed” over and over again in recent weeks, but thus far all the information has been coming from outside sources. Well, what we have on our hands now is different, as it may very well be the biggest iPhone 8 leak thus far… and it’s coming straight from Apple itself!

After Apple accidentally seeded an early version of the firmware for its upcoming HomePod smart speaker the other day, developers have been hard at work digging through the code in search for interesting tidbits and clues for upcoming products and services. And …

Charter rebuffs Sprint’s advances: no, thank you, we’re with Verizon

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Back on Friday, Sprint officially proposed to the cable giant Charter, just as rumored. With talks already a few weeks in, and a deal with T-Mobile eventually put on the backburner because of them, the merger with Charter would have created a huge conglomerate that was supposed to be headed by Sprint’s owners SoftBank.

Today, however, we learn that the talks have fallen through over the weekend, or maybe Charter is playing hard to get, but, in any case, it issued a presser on Sunday that reconfirms its commitment to Verizon. As per Charter’s spokesman Alex Dudley:

We …

Samsung tips the Note 8 dual camera features: 3x Smart Zoom, Super Night Shot and Dual Fusion

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Samsung Electro-Mechanics, the subsidiary that is in charge of the company’s mobile camera modules, has recently posted an intriguing section on its website, extolling the virtues of its dual camera modules. Given that Samsung is still to announce a phone with one, and the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 is said to come with a dual camera set, the features listed here might be what the Note 8 will bring to the table. Moreover, the titles of the pictures that showcase the dual camera goods begin with “highend_camera_module,” and what’s more high-end for Samsung looking forward, …